How to Add a Feed Source

To start aggregating RSS feeds, you need to create feed source records from where the plugin will pull the content. This guide focuses on adding a new Feed Source to the plugin and the usage of WP RSS Aggregator's Core plugin alone, without any add-ons.

Add New Feed Source

From your WP dashboard, navigate to RSS Aggregator > Feed Sources from the admin dashboard menu and click on the "Add New" button at the very top of the page.

You will need to fill in the following fields for the basic Feed Source entry on this page.

1. Name the Feed Source

The first step is to name your feed source. This would most commonly be the name of the website from which you’re importing the feed; for example, if you are adding feeds from, you can add "WP Mayor" as the feed source name. 

2. Add the RSS Feed URL

Secondly, enter the feed URL for that website. Our knowledge base guide here will show you how to get the feed URL from a website. It’s essential to identify the website’s RSS feed rather than using its general URL. Even though WP RSS Aggregator has its own auto-detection feature to find the feed from the general URL, it won't work for all websites, so using the actual feed URL is a more reliable option.

3. Set the Limit

If you want to limit the number of items imported from this feed source, you can enter a number in the Limit field. When new items are imported, and the limit is exceeded, the oldest feed items will be deleted to make room for new ones.

If you already have items imported from this feed source, setting this option now may delete some of your previously imported items to comply with the limit.

4. Other Options

To make feed items link to the URL in the enclosure tag rather than link to the original article, you can check the 'Link to enclosure' checkbox. Enclosure tags are RSS tags that may be included with a feed item. These tags typically contain links to images, audio, and videos. If you’re not sure, leave this setting blank.

The final option is 'Unique titles only.' This allows you to choose whether to allow importing multiple feed items that have the same title. When checked, if a feed item has the same name as a previously imported feed item, it won’t be imported. This can be useful in cases where permalinks change or when multiple permalinks refer to the same title. When ticking this box from within the feed source’s settings, it will apply to the respective feed source.

5. Publish the Feed Source

You can now go ahead and hit the Publish Feed button. If the URL is correct and the feed is valid, you will now see the Feed Preview section's latest five feed items. This indicates that all is well with this feed source.

If the preview shows feed items, but they are not being imported, please try the solutions here or contact our support team.

Congratulations, you’ve successfully added a new feed source!

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Additional Add-on Options

When used in conjunction with the premium add-ons, more options are added by the individual add-ons. Have a look at what each add-on brings to the Add New Feed Source page on their respective knowledge base guides:

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