How to Filter by Keyword or Phrase

Filtering by Keyword or Phrase

The Keyword Filtering add-on allows you to filter by:

The filters change which feed items get imported. If a particular post has keywords/ phrases that do not match your filters, it will not be imported.

Keyword Filtering Settings

Here’s the keyword filtering interface when adding a new feed source:

The filtering methods can be applied on

  • The feed item title only.
  • The feed item's content only.
  • Both.

You can set this from the Keyword Filtering section where it says Apply the above filtering methods on the: [...].

NOTE: Be sure to use commas to separate one keyword/keyphrase from another.

How it works

WP RSS Aggregator will look through the feed item in the RSS feed to look for the keyword or phrase entered in the Keyword Filtering settings. What this means is if you are filtering through the content, and you use our Excerpts & Thumbnails add-on, setting the excerpt to only display 40 words, if the keyword you entered is the 42nd word, the feed item will still appear in the feed item list (when using the shortcode).

An Example

Below is a quick example of how you can apply these filters, followed by a screenshot of some filters in action: 

Below is the screenshot of keyword filtering in action with some WordPress-related keywords and keyphrases added: 

In the screenshot above, we are asking the plugin to only import feed items that:

  • Contain the word ‘WordPress’ in their title or content.
  • Contain any of the words or phrases ‘plugins’, ‘themes’, ‘service review’, and ‘tutorial’ in the title or content.
  • Do not contain the words or phrases ‘news’, ‘announcement’, or ‘sponsored post’ in the title or content.

IMPORTANT: The keyword filtering functionality does not match full words, so if the filter keyword you enter is part of another word, that other word will always get picked up too. For this reason, watch out when picking short roots of words that unintentionally include other words, such as using “arch” to get archaeology-related feed items. This keyword will also include words such as “architecture” and “arch-enemy” in your filtered items.

NOTE: The keyword filtering is done with exact matches for words and phrases supplied in the settings. Keyword Filtering currently does not carry out fuzzy matches. For example, if you look for the word 'weather', the add-on will check for the presence or absence of the word 'weather'. It will not match 'atmospheric conditions' or 'wind speed'.

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