An Introduction to Excerpts & Thumbnails

NOTE: Excerpts & Thumbnails is being discontinued. A new Templates add-on will be introduced very soon. Existing users of Excerpts & Thumbnails are urged to switch to this new add-on for displaying feed items. Learn more.

The Excerpts & Thumbnails add-on is a great addition to our free core plugin if you are looking to spruce up your shortcode display of feed items.

NOTE: This add-on will use the data provided by the RSS Feed to find and import an image and a short excerpt along with each feed item. If a source does not provide an image and/or an excerpt, the add-on will not be able to import it/them.

Have a look at the available options below:

These options can be used for a number of scenarios:

  • To spruce up your shortcode display with additional content via a short excerpt under the feed item title.

  • To spruce up your shortcode display even further with an image per feed item.

  • And much more.

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