How to Change Your Account Password

Changing your WP RSS Aggregator account password can be done in one of two ways.

1. Using the "Lost Password?" Service

On the account login page you will see a blue link with the text Lost password? Click on this link and follow these steps.

  1. Once you have clicked on the Lost password? link, you will be asked to enter the email address of your account. This is the email address used at checkout when purchasing our plugins.

    NOTE: This is not your PayPal email address. it is the email address used on the checkout page on our website. It is the email address that you received the Purchase Receipt email on.

  2. Check your inbox for an email from WP RSS Aggregator to reset your password.
  3. Click on the password reset link in that email.
  4. Once the link opens, create your new password.
  5. Go back to

  6. Enter the email address and new password.
  7. You are now logged in to your WP RSS Aggregator account.

2. Setting a New Password through Your Account

If you have access to and are logged in to your WP RSS Aggregator account, you can change the password from there.

  1. Go to
  2. Visit the Profile tab.
  3. Scroll down to find the Change your Password section.
  4. Enter the new password, twice, once in each entry field.
  5. Click on the Save Changes button.
  6. You now have a new password for your WP RSS Aggregator account.

If all else fails, contact support

There are times when the Lost Password? option may not work for some reason. If you don't currently have access to your account, then the second method is no longer an option either.

In such cases, please contact the support team directly and ask to have your password reset. 

We will set you up with a new, secure password. You can then log in to your account and set up your own password as explained in 2 above. We strongly recommend making sure to change the password from the one we send you, in order to ensure that you:

  1. Remember the password in the future.
  2. Make it as secure as possible, without even our team knowing the password.

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