Shortcode: [wp-rss-aggregator]

The plugin provides an easy way to load and show your imported feed items on your site. This shortcode allows for the feed items to be listed within any part of your website.

The shortcode is available when using the free core plugin alone and when using any of the add-ons listed. For cases where the Templates add-on is installed, the display of imported feed items is handled either via our shortcode or block

Getting started with  [wp-rss-aggregator]

To show feed items using the shortcode, there are two ways of adding the shortcode to a page or post.

Option 1: Using TinyMCE Button (Classic Editor)

If you are using the Classic Editor for WordPress, the TinyMCE editor for every page or post will include a small button with an RSS icon.

Click on this to add the WP RSS Aggregator shortcode with the options you'd like to apply.

These options will override those set anywhere else in the WP RSS Aggregator settings.

Option 2: Manually Copy/Paste the Shortcode (Block or Classic Editor)

The second option is simply copying and pasting the shortcode that you need and manually adding parameters to it. You will find the parameters below.

Heads up! By default, the shortcode [wp-rss-aggregator] will load all our imported feed items. However, the shortcode takes in a bunch of parameters and filters to allow for the fine-tuning of the feed items to show.

NOTE: For the best results, please copy the shortcodes while on the WordPress  Text View when using the Classic Editor for WordPress.

The shortcode can also be applied in the shortcode block used in the Gutenberg block editor for WordPress (post-WordPress 5.0). However, if using the block editor, we recommend opting for our own WP RSS Aggregator block.

Core Parameters

Here are some examples of shortcodes and their usage. The parameters can be used together to implement multiple filters.

Parameter Example
source [wp-rss-aggregator sources="55,56"]
feeds [wp-rss-aggregator feeds="feed-source-one, feed-source-two,feed-source-three"]
exclude [wp-rss-aggregator exclude="26,14"]
limit [wp-rss-aggregator limit="10"]
pagination [wp-rss-aggregator pagination="off"] 
template [wp-rss-aggregator template="default"] 
page [wp-rss-aggregator page="2"] 
category        [wp-rss-aggregator category="sports"]


[wp-rss-aggregator source="ID" limit="xx" category="sports"]

...where “ID” is the feed source ID, “xx” is the number of feed items to display, and "sports" is the feed category slug from which the shortcode should display feeds.

Note: The categories parameter only works with WP RSS aggregator feed items categories. The parameter will not work with standard WP categories.

Help with setting up the shortcode.

Not sure how to create a shortcode that suits your setup? Reach out to our support team and they will assist you with the proper shortcode.

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