Delete Imported Items/Posts

In some instances, there's a need to delete a few or all imported feed items and/or posts. The plugin provides an option to delete these items safely, ensuring that only items imported by the plugin get deleted. 

Warning: After deleting the imported items, the plugin can only re-import them if they still exist on the RSS feed. If the items are no longer available, they can not be recovered. 

Always keep a backup of feed items and/or posts before using this option, and preferably first attempt to do this on a staging/testing site. This action is also not reversible, meaning it cannot be undone, so use it only when absolutely necessary while being aware of the risks.

1. Delete all Imported items and posts

This option clears all the items that were imported by the plugin from all the  Feed Sources on the site.

To use it, go to RSS Aggregator > Tools > Reset and look for the Delete all imported items section. Then, click on the Delete all imported items button to delete all feed items and posts, no matter what add-on was being used to import the feed.

This action will queue a task to delete all the items, and thus the results will not be visible instantly. The process works in the background, and once complete, all your Feed Sources will show zero items imported from the Feed Source directory. 

2. Delete all Imported items and posts

In some instances, there's a need to delete feed items imported by a specific feed source. 

To achieve this, first, open the Feed Source listing under  RSS Aggregator > Feed Sources. Then, from the specific Feed Source of interest, move the mouse over the imported items column. This will show two options, Fetch and Delete items. Click on the Delete items link to delete items imported by that specific feed source. 

Once deleted, the imported items count will be reset to zero. 

3. Delete specific items and posts

For cases where you need to delete specific imported items, you would need to manually select and use the native WordPress option to delete them. 

First, visit the Feed Source page under   RSS Aggregator > Feed Sources. On the Feed Source that you wish to delete items from, click on the imported items count to view the list of items. 

On the posts page, select the posts of interest, choose Move to Trash under the bulk action option, and click Apply

This will move the items to the Trash Folder. Click on the Trash folder and permanently delete the terms.

Heads up! If you leave the items in the Trash Folder, the plugin will interpret them as existing and thus cannot re-import them again.

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