An Introduction to Full Text RSS Feeds

When subscribing to sites, a feed reader will typically pull whatever content is in the Feed provided by the source site. That being said, some sites provide one of the following:

  • a full feed
  • provide a partial feed.

The partial feeds:

  • provides an excerpt
  • Has the intent that you will follow the “read more” link
  • Go to the source site for the full entry

Using Feed to Post, you can pull in the article content and provide it on your own site as a Post. However, it won’t look as complete with partial content from this Feed.

Force Full Content

Using Feed to Post in along with the Force Full Content option solves this problem and gets full feeds for all your feed sources, whether or not if they offer only partial feeds.

If a feed source you are trying to import is only offering partial feeds

  • Make sure you have the latest WP RSS Aggregator add-on installed
  • Make sure you have Feed to Post

When using the Full-Text RSS Services Engine, the Full-Text RSS Services add-on will pull in the partial feeds as normal first, then get the full articles. It will then build a full feed from the articles before presenting you with the final full feed of article content.

How It Works

When using feed readers/importers/aggregators, you enter a number of feed sources, following which your feed reader periodically checks those feeds for new items and pulls them in for you.

Here’s a sequence diagram showing what your feed reader will typically do when you subscribe to feeds from two websites, Website 1 and Website 2:

Some of the feeds will contain the full contents of each article, allowing your aggregator to easily import and show you the content. Some other feeds will contain partial content, with the expectation that you will visit the original site to read the full entry. Truncated feeds can be a bummer. When importing feed items into WordPress posts, truncated feeds can result in unsightly posts with only partial content, and we don’t want that.

Full Text RSS Feeds is one of the only WordPress RSS import plugins that solves this problem and gets full feeds for all your feed sources, irrespective of whether they offer full or partial feeds.

If one of your feed sources is only offering partial feeds, all you need to do is tick the option to force full feeds:

Here’s what’s happening in the background, when we are using our Full-Text RSS engine:

No more partial feed imports when using WP RSS Aggregator with the Full Text RSS Feeds add-on.

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