Full text modes

In the RSS Aggregator > Settings > Feed to Post page, you can change how full-text content is fetched by changing the "How to fetch full text", found under the "Full-Text RSS" section.

There are 2 modes:

  • Fetching full text for each article individually
  • Fetching full text for the entire feed

Using the first mode, the plugin will import the RSS feed normally. Then, it will fetch the full content for each item in the feed and replace the short content with the full content.

Using the second mode, the plugin will convert the entire RSS feed into a new RSS feed. This feed will contain the same items, but each item will have the full content instead of the short content.

Generally, the first mode is more reliable since it does not need to create a new RSS feed. Additionally, it will make fetching new items much faster. This is because fetching the full content takes time, and an RSS feed will typically only contain a few feed items that you haven't imported yet. There is no need to convert the entire feed if the feed only contains, say, 2 new items. Using the second mode, only those 2 new items will be converted into full-text items. This is also true if you use Keyword Filtering to ignore some items.

We recommend that you only change this option if you are encountering problems will full text. Using the second mode may solve your problem. If it doesn't, you can change it back to the first mode and contact our support team for assistance.

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