Feed source meta keys

This page outlines the available meta keys for feed sources and their corresponding option in the feed source Edit page.


Meta key Feed option Type Examples
wprss_url URL URL string "https://wpmayor.com/feed"
Limit Integer 10
wprss_unique_titles Unique titles only Integer boolean 0 or 1
wprss_enclosure Link to enclosure Boolean string "true" or "false"
wprss_import_source Use source info Boolean string "true" or "false"
feed_request_useragent Feed request useragent String See examples here
wprss_force_feed Force the feed Boolean string "true" or "false"

Feed to Post

Meta key Feed option Type Examples
wprss_ftp_post_type Post type String "Post", "Page", etc...
wprss_ftp_post_status Post status String "publish", "draft", "future", etc...
See more here
wprss_ftp_post_format Post format String "standard", "aside", "quote", etc...
See more here
wprss_ftp_post_date Post date String "original" or "imported"
wprss_ftp_comment_status Enable comments Boolean string "true" or "false"
wprss_ftp_force_full_content Force full content Boolean string "true" or "false"
wprss_ftp_import_excerpt Import post excerpt Boolean string "true" or "false"
wprss_ftp_allow_embedded_content Allow embedded content Boolean string "true" or "false"
wprss_ftp_canonical_link Canonical link Boolean string "true" or "false"
wprss_ftp_save_images_locally Import images Boolean string "true" or "false"
wprss_ftp_image_min_width Image minimum dimensions (width) Integer 250
wprss_ftp_image_min_height Image minimum dimensions (height) Integer 100
wprss_ftp_use_featured_image Enable featured images Boolean string "true" or "false"
wprss_ftp_featured_image Featured image to use String "first" - First image in post content
"last" - Last image in post content
"thumb" - Feed <media:thumbnail> tag
"enclosure" - Enclosure tag
"fallback" - Use the fallback featured image
wprss_ftp_remove_ft_image Remove featured image from post content Boolean string
"true" or "false"
wprss_ftp_must_have_ft_image Posts must have a featured image Boolean string "true" or "false"
wprss_ftp_post_taxonomy Taxonomies - taxonomy selection Array of taxonomy slugs ["category", "post_tag"]
wprss_ftp_post_terms Taxonomies - term selection Array of term slug arrays [["news", "sports", "entertainment"]]
wprss_ftp_auto_terms Taxonomies - "Auto create terms" Array of boolean string ["true, "true", "false"]
wprss_ftp_filter_subject Taxonomies - "Only apply the preceding terms if ..." Array of strings ["title", "content", "title"]
Only "title" and "content" are valid values
wprss_ftp_post_taxonomy_compare_method Taxonomies - Comparison method Array of strings ["all, "any", "any"]
Only "all" and "any" are valid values
wprss_ftp_filter_keywords Taxonomies - Keywords Array of comma separated string lists ["news", "web, WordPress"]
wprss_ftp_def_author Author - Post Author ID of a user, or "." "." or 8, 12, 56, etc...
wprss_ftp_author_fallback_method Author - "If the author is not a WP user" String "create" or "existing"
wprss_ftp_no_author_found Author - "If the author is missing" String "fallback" or "skip"
wprss_ftp_fallback_author Author - Fallback user String user name "admin", "johnsmith", etc...

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