Displaying Imported Items with a Shortcode

When using the free core plugin alone, or along with any of the add-ons listed, the display of imported feed items is handled via our shortcode framework. The default shortcode is:   [wp-rss-aggregator]

IMPORTANT: For the best results, please copy the shortcodes into the WordPress  Text Editor, not the Visual Editor.

This shortcode accepts a number of parameters that are explained below.

Core Parameters

Parameter Example
links_before [wp-rss-aggregator links_before='ul']
links_after [wp-rss-aggregator links_after="ul"]
link_before [wp-rss-aggregator link_before='li']
link_after [wp-rss-aggregator link_after="li"]
source [wp-rss-aggregator source="55,56"]
exclude [wp-rss-aggregator exclude="26,14"]
limit [wp-rss-aggregator limit="10"]
pagination [wp-rss-aggregator pagination="off"]

Sample Output

  • links_before

  • links_after

  • pagination

You can easily select the source for your feeds and also insert a limit via shortcode parameters as shown below. To get your feed source ID refer to your feed source listing page. 

[wp-rss-aggregator source="ID" limit="xx"]

where “ID” is the feed soure ID and “xx” is the number of feed items this shortcode should display.

Premium Add-ons & their Shortcode Parameters

Below are the add-ons that still use the shortcode when used with the core plugin:

  • Categories
  • Excerpts & Thumbnails
  • Keyword Filtering

If you’ve got the Categories add-on installed, you can also use the following.

To display feed items from sources assigned to the  Entertainment category, just use the following shortcode:

[wp-rss-aggregator category=’entertainment’]

Use the slug of the category to refer to it, as shown below.

You might also want to display feed items from two or more categories. In that case, it’s also a simple shortcode modification:

[wp-rss-aggregator category=’entertainment, water-sports’]

Parameter Example
category [wp-rss-aggregator category="sports"]
[wp-rss-aggregator category="entertainment, sports"]

If you’ve got the Excerpts & Thumbnails add-on installed, you can also use the following parameters.

Parameter Possible values Example
thumbnails yes, no | 1,0 | true, false [wp-rss-aggregator thumbnails="no"]
excerpts yes, no | 1,0 | true, false [wp-rss-aggregator excerpts="no"]

With the  Keyword Filtering add-on you can filter items from the shortcode, by using the following parameter. Note that the shortcode only accepts one keyword filter per shortcode, and will not be able to handle multiple keyword filters in the same shortcode.

Parameter Example
filter [wp-rss-aggregator filter="sports"]

Premium Add-ons that DO NOT Use the Shortcode

When using the below premium add-ons, please note that the shortcode will no longer be used to display imported posts. These are imported directly into your site’s Posts list, and are then displayed by your theme or page builder.

  • Feed to Post
  • Full Text RSS Feeds, WordAi and/or SpinnerChief (alongside Feed to Post) 

Click here to learn more about how the above add-ons display imported posts.

The Widget add-on displays feed items itself in any widget area.

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