How to Add an Audio Player to Imported Posts with Feed to Post

With the Feed to Post add-on, you can include an audio player when you import RSS feeds from podcasting sites like SoundCloud and Audioboom.

To include an audio player on each imported item of your audio RSS feed, follow these steps, once you are familiar with the usage of the Feed to Post add-on:

  1. Navigate to RSS Aggregator > Feed Sources
  2. Edit the feed source you create for the podcast RSS feed
  3. Scroll down to the Feed to Post - Custom Field Mapping section
  4. Click the Add New button
  5. Select No namespace as the namespace
  6. Type in enclosure[url] for the RSS tag
  7. Type in audio_file for the last field

    These options will import the URL of the MP3 audio file from the RSS feed into the post. The audio file URL will be called audio_file.

  8. Find the Feed to Post - Prepend to Content section
  9. Expand it if the section box is closed
  10. Click on the Text tab at the top-right of the text editor.
  11. Paste in the following HTML code:

<audio controls> <source src="{{meta : audio_file}}" type="audio/mpeg"> Your browser does not support the HTML5 audio player. </audio>

This option will automatically add the audio player in the editor at the beginning of every imported post. The  Append to Content option does the same thing but adds the audio player to the bottom of the content. Every item that gets imported will have the above code added to it. The code will add a standard media player, and that media player will use the imported audio file URL which we previously set up to be imported with the name audio_file.

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