How to Use RSS Feeds

There are different ways that you can use RSS Feeds...

  1. Personally, you may use an RSS reader that enable you to grab RSS feeds from the sites of your choice and display them for your own reading pleasure. Here are some examples of RSS readers:
    1. Feedly
    2. Feedreader
    3. Newsblur
    4. Inoreader
    5. Bloglovin
    6. Netlovin
    7. Flowreader
    8. Feeder
  2. You may also want to share an RSS feed (or multiple) on your website. This is where WP RSS Aggregator comes in. It's a WordPress plugin with which you can display feeds from multiple sources directly on your website. You can use this to create an entire news aggregator website or to just collect the latest news on a particular topic on one section of your site.
    1. Visit

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