Shortcode Parameters for Premium Add-ons

Categories Add-on

If you’ve got the Categories add-on installed, you can also use the category parameter with the [wp-rss-aggregator] shortcode.

To display feed items from sources assigned to the  Entertainment category, just use the following shortcode:

[wp-rss-aggregator category=’entertainment’]

Use the slug of the category to refer to it, as shown below.

You might also want to display feed items from two or more categories. For that, you'll need to add the additional categories in a comma separated list as the category parameter's value.

[wp-rss-aggregator category=’entertainment, water-sports’]

Parameter Example
category [wp-rss-aggregator category="sports"]
[wp-rss-aggregator category="entertainment, sports"]

Templates Add-on

If you’ve got the Templates add-on installed, you can also use the following parameters.

Parameter Example
template [wp-rss-aggregator template="list"]
[wp-rss-aggregator template="grid"]

Keyword Filtering Add-on

With the Keyword Filtering add-on you can filter items from the shortcode, by using the parameter in the table below. Note that the shortcode only accepts one keyword filter per shortcode, and will not be able to handle multiple keyword filters at the same time.

The filter parameter will instruct our plugin to look for the specified keyword in both the title and content of the feed item. If the keyword is present in the feed item, that item will be made available for display using the shortcode.

Parameter Example
filter [wp-rss-aggregator filter="sports"]

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