cURL errors

cURL error 35

At times, a license might not activate at all on your site and the error log will show something along the lines of:

cURL error 35: gnutls_handshake() failed: A TLS fatal alert has been received

If this happens, or any other cURL error appears in your WP RSS Aggregator error log at some point, there may be three main reasons for this.

  1. Your cURL is outdated. Get in touch with your host’s support team with the request to update their cURL library to the latest version.
  2. There is no open incoming connection available on your server. To resolve the issue, request your host’s support to allow an open incoming connection for your website.
  3. Your WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL) do not match. Make sure they are the same as your current domain name (WP Dashboard > Settings > General).

We have a few recommended hosts that we always use. They keep their cURL libraries updated to prevent such errors. You can find them listed here:

cURL error 60

You may sometimes encounter the following error while trying to import a feed:

A similar error message may be recorded in your site's debug log at RSS Aggregator > Tools > Logs.

The "cURL error 60" could be caused by an outdated certificate file within your WordPress installation.

The best solution would be to request your host to provide an up-to-date certificate file and replace the WordPress default certificate file.

The file has to be replaced at wp-includes/certificates in your WordPress installation.

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