Gutenberg Compatibility - Core Plugin

Gutenberg is the name given to the new block editing experience for WordPress.

This new editing experience means that some things have changed in regards to the old HTML Visual and Text editor, WYSIWYG. The new system uses blocks that can be moved around and easily edited.

What does this mean for WP RSS Aggregator? We have conducted tests with our add-ons and the Core plugin and it works just fine with the new block system.

How to Use the Shortcode 

The core WP RSS Aggregator plugin uses our [wp-rss-aggregator] shortcode to display feed items on the front-end of your site.

The new block editor includes a Shortcode block that enables you to keep using our shortcode without any problems. Simply add the Shortcode block to the page or post of your choice, type in (or copy) our shortcode, and voila!

Gutenberg with Our Premium Add-ons

The Keyword Filtering add-on works well with the Gutenberg editor in any combination of add-ons (or with the core plugin alone).

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