Image Thumbnails when using RSS feeds from SquareSpace

If you are using an RSS Feed source from a site hosted by Squarespace, it's possible that you will not be able to import the thumbnail images or any images at all.

Image files URLs on Squarespace

When uploading any images file to Squarespace, they are stored and converted into static data by their content delivery network service providers (CDNs).

The images are then converted to different sizes and versions, then assigned a specific URL for storing and retrieving it. Squarespace does this to maintain better load times for your content and media for subsequent visits to the site.

Right-clicking an image or file and opening an image from the site on Squarespace, will allow you to view the URL in your browser's address bar. 

It will start with either


This is then followed by a string of random characters and the format to be shown by Squarespace.

How does this affect my featured thumbnails and imported images?

Since the URL does not feature a regular image file extension such as .jpg or .png, these images may not be detected by our plugin and add-ons.

It is a static URL that Squarespace provides via its CDN. That being said, it is not possible to import the image's extension or filename into the RSS. Because of this, you will not be able to pull in images for the content, or for the featured images.

Which add-ons does this have an effect on?

  • Excerpts & Thumbnails
  • Feed to Post
  • Full-Text RSS (if trying to pull in embedded content such as images and other media)

Excerpts & Thumbnails

Using Excerpts & Thumbnails with a Squarespace feed source will allow you to pull in the word content and description as excerpts, however, the thumbnail will not be imported.

In this case, we suggest setting a fallback or default thumbnail image when using Excerpts Thumbnails.

After choosing an image, select the setting for "When feed has no thumbnail" to show the default image.

The default thumbnail should appear for feed items that do not have any images that were imported.

Feed to Post / Full Text RSS

Using Feed to Post (with or without Full-Text RSS) with a Squarespace feed source will allow you to pull in the word content and description as Posts, however, the thumbnail and media content will not be imported.

In the case of missing Featured Images, we suggest setting a fallback or default featured image when using Feed to Post.

This can be set in two places:

  • General Settings > Feed to Post > Images

  • Within the actual Feed Source Settings themselves on the right-hand side

After clicking you can set an image from the media library to be the default image.

Is there a Workaround for getting the actual thumbnail images?

There is currently no workaround for getting the images and media content from a Squarespace RSS Feed URL since the content is being delivered by a CDN with a static link.

Learn more about using static URLs with Squarespace here.

For more information on how Squarespace creates an RSS Feed, please see this article here.

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