How to Change Feed to Post's Link Back to Source

In Feed to Post's general settings, there is the option to add a link back to the original source with every post. This will be the same message that applies across all posts from all feed sources.

In order to activate this, you must:

  1. Tick the checkbox in the Feed to Post settings to enable Link Back to Source.
  2. Click Save.
  3. It will add links to the original post and the site from which it was imported.

Now, if you would like to change the structure of that message, you can do so.

The text that links to the original post must be wrapped in asterisks, such as this: *link to post* or *this post* 

The text that links to the original source site (homepage) must be wrapped in double asterisks, such as this: **link to site** or **this site**.

With these two options, you can create any message you'd like. The default is:

This *post* was originally published on **this site*

You can change that to be anything, such as:

Read the *original article* from the **original source**


Credit: *Original article published here.*

NOTE: You do not need to use both the options of linking to the post and the source. You may choose to use either one or none of them (therefore using this option to add custom text to all posts.

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