Storage of URLs

Feed Source URL

When setting up and saving a feed source using WP RSS Aggregator, the URL you entered in the "Feed source" field is located in the wp_postmeta table with the meta_key of wprss_url.

Feed Source Site URL

WP RSS Aggregator also determines and stores the original home URL of the feed source. This can be used in other areas of the plugin, and it can be found in the wp_postmeta table with the meta_key of wprss_site_url.

URLs in Feed to Post's Append/Prepend to Content Field

When using the Feed to Post add-on, the Append/Prepend to Content feature allows you to add content of your own before or after the feed item's content. This content is stored in the wp_postmeta table with the meta_key of wprss_ftp_post_append or wprss_ftp_post_prepend.

IMPORTANT: Please note that when using the placeholders provided by WP RSS Aggregator, it is the placeholder itself that is stored in the database location mentioned above, not the actual URL or content that the placeholder would be replaced with within the post content.
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