Known Issues

This page lists some of the known issues that are either currently being fixed (but will take a long time) or are not fixable for some reason or another.

Please note that while we strive to fix each and every issue that comes along in as short a time-frame as possible, some tasks take longer than others. This is why we have created this page to let you, our esteemed customers, know about such issues beforehand, and to keep you up to date with any future fixes and releases.

RSS Multi Importer Incompatibility

The WP RSS Aggregator plugin and all its add-ons are completely incompatible with WP RSS Multi Importer. If you would like to use the WP RSS Aggregator plugin please ensure that WP RSS Multi Importer is uninstalled from your site, otherwise, our plugin will not be able to function correctly. More information about this can be found on this page. 

If you’ve encountered any other issues while using our plugin, or have any suggestions as to how any of the above can be rectified quicker, please let us know. We are open to suggestions in order to keep improving our plugin as well as your WordPress experience.

WP Cron Crontrol Incompatibility

The WP Cron Crontrol plugin is known to cause issues when used along with WP RSS Aggregator and any of its add-ons.

Please see the following article: What do I do if I encounter: cURL error 7: Failed to connect to port 443: Connection refused?

Broken Link Checker Incompatibility

Since the Broken Link Checker plugin contains and loads the  idna_convert class, this plugin is therefore not compatible with our Excerpts & Thumbnails add-on.

Caching Plugin Issues

It is known to the WP RSS Aggregator developers that certain caching plugins cause some issues when used with WP RSS Aggregator, one of which could be the duplication of posts. These issues might vary depending on the caching plugin in use and the settings implemented.

Please see the following KB Article

Update Interval Issues

Some customers have reported the duplication of update intervals in their settings due to certain plugins, such as Jetpack (certain modules). These plugin incompatibilities result in multiple similar entries being displayed for the “Update Interval” drop-down.

This drop-down is populated from a centralized source of intervals using the WordPress native function  wp_get_schedules(), which makes it possible for other users or plugin and theme authors to add WP Cron intervals, which would then be displayed in the drop-down. These intervals are identified by a unique “code”, such as “five_min” – such an interval may have the label “5 minutes”. If a 3rd party component adds another interval with the label “5 minutes” and code “every_five_minutes”, then there would be 2 “5 minutes” intervals. We cannot prevent 3rd party components from doing that. Filtering the options in the dropdown, however, would make our plugin incompatible with future customizations.

At the same time, intervals created by 3rd party components should work just as well as the ones added by  WP RSS Aggregator, because the interval itself is a number of seconds. On the other hand, if the 3rd party components are doing something unordinary with their custom intervals, then we’re afraid there’s little we can do.

If you believe that another plugin is causing issues with  WP RSS Aggregator, then we suggest that you contact the authors of that plugin and describe the symptoms to them.

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