Which add-on or bundle do I need?

Choosing which add-ons to buy for WP RSS Aggregator depends very much on the functionality you need on your site. 

If you prefer a quick guide over reading the below scenarios, try our free Add-on Finder tool or find out more about the individual add-ons and bundles.

Let's take a look at some typical scenarios and the add-ons we recommend for each of these.

Simple Feed Display via Shortcode

Quite a number of people want to display a number of news items on their site, similar to what is done on the Alyona Travels blog.

In that case, the main add-on you need is Excerpts and Thumbnails. This plugin adds the ability to display images and short excerpts in your feed template. With this template, you will still be using the shortcode to place feed items on a page or post, same as with the core plugin.

If you want to filter which items are imported, the Keyword Filtering add-on in combination with Excerpts and Thumbnails is recommended. With Keyword Filtering, you can decide which feed items are imported by entering keywords or keyphrases. You can also choose to import items from a certain category.

One final add-on that can be useful for this scenario is Categories. It allows you to assign complete feed sources to categories. That way you can then display feed items from a particular category on a given post or page (via a shortcode parameter). Thus you can have a page displaying feeds from the ‘Entertainment’ category (or any category you create) and another one displaying feeds from the ‘Sports’ category.

That’s quite a lot of flexibility right there with these few plugins, and you can get them all together with the simple bundle.

Get the Simple Feeds Bundle

Advanced Feed Imports and Building Complete Sites Based on Feeds

The Feed to Post add-on is our most flexible and powerful extension to WP RSS Aggregator. Couple that with the Keyword Filtering add-on and the Full Text RSS Feeds add-on and you’ve got the ultimate combination together with the core plugin.

This combination is ideal for those who want to build a site based on feeds, or who want to do something creative with feeds which the Simple Feeds Bundle does not enable them to. There are loads of use cases which would benefit from Feed to Post and Keyword Filtering, so we combined them both in the Advanced Feeds Bundle, our most popular bundle.

Get the Advanced Feeds Bundle


Feed to Post can only be used alongside the below add-ons if you make use of the Legacy Feed Items option.

  • Excerpts & Thumbnails
  • Categories

This means that the shortcode system won’t work once you have installed Feed to Post unless you make use of this setting and choose to import the feed items as such anyway.

With Feed to Post alone, you will have complete freedom to display imported content in any way you wish using your theme, or using a page or template builder of your choice.

For more information about compatibility and requirements, please read the notes on each add-on page.

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