How To Automatically Generate Affiliate Income From A Curated Content Site

Here is how to setup an affiliiate for your curated content site.

  1. Configure ThirstyAffiliates to automatically link certain keywords to your affiliate links
  2. Use WP RSS Aggregator and the Feed To Post add-on to import excerpts of content from relevant sources, including credit to the original source
  3. Optionally use keyword filters to only import content that you have an affiliate link for

Step 1: Configure Automatic Keyword Links In ThirstyAffiliates

ThirstyAffiliates is a popular link cloaking plugin with a free version at For this article, you’ll need the Pro version, though, because it includes a cool feature that lets you automatically link certain keywords on your site to an affiliate link that you specify.

To use it, make sure that you have the Pro version installed (you’ll also need the free version installed in order for Pro to function).

Then, go to ThirstyAffiliates → New Affiliate Link in your WordPress dashboard. At the top, give it a name and enter your actual affiliate link in the Destination URL field. For this example, let’s say it’s a link to the WooCommerce affiliate program:

Once you’ve done that, scroll down to the Autolink Keywords section to have some fun. In the box, enter the keywords that you want ThirstyAffiliates to automatically link.

For example, if you put in “WooCommerce”, ThirstyAffiliates will automatically link the word “WooCommerce” to your affiliate link whenever it appears in content on your site.

For some links, you might just want a single keyword, while others you might want to use multiple keywords.

Below your list of keywords, you can also configure:

  • Limit – this helps you avoid filling your entire text with affiliate links by setting a maximum number of affiliate links for each keyword
  • Enabled auto link inside headings – choose whether or not to automatically link words inside a heading tag – like <h2>
  • Random placement – by default, ThirstyAffiliates will link the first X mentions of the keyword. But if you turn this on, it will just pick X random mentions.

Once you’re done, make sure to save your link to make things live.

Then, repeat the process for all the different affiliate links that you want to automatically include in your curated content.

Note – you can also configure global settings for ThirstyAffiliates’ Autolinker functionality by going to ThirstyAffiliates → Settings → Autolinker:

Step 2: Configure Your Content Feeds

Once you’ve set up your affiliate links, you’re all done with ThirstyAffiliates. Now, you need to set up your automatic curated content, which you’ll do with WP RSS Aggregator and the Feed To Post add-on.

For this section, you’ll need to pick the different sites that you want to curate. I’ll use WP Mayor’s content for the example – but you’ll ideally want to pick content from several different sites to create a true content hub.

To get started, go to RSS Aggregator → Add New in your WordPress dashboard. At the top, enter the URL to the RSS feed for the site you want to curate (learn how to find a site’s RSS feed URL):

Step 3: Use Keyword Filtering Add-on To Only Import Content With Affiliate Offer

As the content sources that you added post new content, WP RSS Aggregator will automatically import it. And if that content contains an affiliate link opportunity, ThirstyAffiliates will automatically insert your link.

This article was originally published on WP Mayor, to see the full article and more in-depth tips please view the article here

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