Q: How to show/include/display WP RSS Aggregator feed items on a page?

This depends on what add-ons you are using, if any.

Using the Core Plugin Alone

To display feed items when using the core plugin alone, please use the WP RSS Aggregator shortcode on any page or post:


Using Add-ons

If you are using any of the below add-ons alone or combined with each other, please use the WP RSS shortcode on any page or post: [wp-rss-aggregator]

  • Categories
  • Excerpts & Thumbnails
  • Keyword Filtering

If you are using the Feed to Post add-on, however, you need not necessarily use the shortcode In this case, feed items are imported as WordPress posts or any other custom post type you choose. For this reason, the display of the posts is handled by your theme or page builder, or any other way you choose to display these posts. Click here to learn more.

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