How to Set Up the Excerpt Options for E&T

NOTE: Excerpts & Thumbnails is being discontinued. A new Templates add-on will be introduced very soon. Existing users of Excerpts & Thumbnails are urged to switch to this new add-on for displaying feed items. Learn more.

As soon as you install and activate the Excerpts & Thumbnails add-on, two new sections will appear in the Settings section of WP RSS Aggregator.

The first is called Excerpts. Excerpts settings can make a feed:

  • Provide an excerpt summary.
  • Provide a trimmed down excerpt using Word Limits.
  • Indicate the end of the excerpt
  • Provide a “Read More” link to direct users to the original source site.

The Settings

Here’s a look at the available settings:

Enable excerpts

As it states in its description, check this box to enable the excerpt functionality brought in by the Excerpts & Thumbnails add-on.

Excerpts word limit

From here you can set the number of words you want to use for the excerpts that you’re going to display on your site.

Excerpts ending

These are the characters you want to appear at the end of the excerpt, to indicate that it is, in fact, an excerpt and there is more text in the original article.

Enable “Read more” link

You can check this box to enable the “Read more” link functionality.

Read more text

From here you can then set the “Read more” text to anything that you’d like.

Enable social buttons

Check this box to add social buttons to every post that’s created.

Twitter: Share via user

Add any text that you’d like to append to the tweet text.

The Result

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