How to Set Up the SpinnerChief Add-on Integration

Authenticate Your SpinnerChief Account

Once you have signed up, activate the Spinner Chief add-on, and navigate to RSS Aggregator > Settings > Spinner Chief in your WordPress dashboard. You should see the following settings that allow you to set up your account information in the add-on settings.

Enter your Spinner Chief account username, password, and API key in the form, and click the Save Settings button. 

The message beneath the details should now say Authenticated if the username, password, and API key were successfully authenticated by Spinner Chief. 

You’re also shown the number of queries you have remaining for that day, depending on the type of account you have.

Enable Content Spinning

To enable the spinner and start spinning the content of your imported posts, simply tick the Enable SpinnerChief checkbox in the add-on’s settings.

Spin the Title

SpinnerChief also has the ability to spin the title of your imported posts.

To do so, tick the Spin the title checkbox. Once enabled, your future imported posts will have their title spun.

NOTE: Your current posts will not have their title spun. You will have to delete and re-import them. When doing so, please note that any posts that are no longer available in the RSS feed of the source in question can never be re-imported again if they are deleted. 

API Settings

The SpinnerChief add-on uses SpinnerChief’s API to spin your content. The options shown on the add-on’s settings page reflect the settings given to the API.

These settings are documented by SpinnerChief, on their API page (You must be logged in to view the page).

To learn more about these settings and how they affect your spun content, we recommend that you log in and try using the spinner on their site.

Use  Post Revisions to Compare Results

SpinnerChief also offers a Post revisions feature. This feature puts the original content of the post as a post revision, so you can later compare the original content with the spun content.

To enable this feature, tick the Post revisions checkbox.

Once enabled, all your future imported posts will have a revision created for them, containing the original post content.

To view your revisions, edit your imported posts by clicking on the post title on the Posts page.

NOTE: If you do not see your revisions, you might have to display them via the Screen Options, located at the top right corner of your screen.

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