Limitations of Our Premium Full Text RSS Feeds Service

Our premium full text service, available via our Full Text RSS Feeds add-on, is not a perfect solution. 

It has its limitations due to various factors. Below is a brief explanation of these possible limits.

Not importing all the content from the original post

While in some cases the Full Text algorithm will not produce the desired results, this is not a bug, but instead a result of the lack of technological means.

The full text algorithm works by going to each individual item’s page and reading that page in order to determine the actual full content of the item, and some other data about it, such as the featured image. The software behind this service does not see what humans see, but instead, it sees HTML markup, and from its structure attempts to determine what is what.

However, in some cases, it is not possible due to the wrong structurization of the page’s markup and lack of semantic connection between elements of the page that identify it as an “article”. You can read more about how the Full Text service works here.

Trying to import too many feed items via the full text service

When it comes to certain very large feeds (around 100 feed items or more), the full text script might not be able to import the full list of items due to the limitations of this script.

The Full Text RSS Feeds script is not designed to process very large numbers of items. It might work for some sites, but it causes a lot of strain on the server since it will be pulling in all the posts, storing them in memory and extracting their contents, all within the span of one request.

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