How to Use the Shortcode when using Feed to Post

By default, Feed to Post disables the Feed Items and the shortcode from the core WP RSS Aggregator plugin. Feed to Post works differently than the original plugin since it converts feed items into WordPress Posts (or any other custom post type).

How to Use the Shortcode when Using Feed to Post

If you still want to use regular Feed Items with Feed to Post, use the following directions:

  1. Go to RSS Aggregator > Settings > Feed to Post.
  2. Check the Legacy Feed Items option.

This will change the following in the plugin:

  1. Enable the Feed Items in the admin menu under RSS Aggregator.
  2. Allow you to use the shortcodes.
  3. Allow you to use the Categories and Excerpts & Thumbnails add-ons alongside Feed to Post.
  4. Add Feed Item as a choice when selecting your feed source's post type to import into (as shown in the screenshot below):


With these settings, your feed items will import into regular Feed Items (when selecting “Feed item” as your “Post Type”) and you can display them on your site using the shortcode, just as you would when using WP RSS Aggregator without Feed to Post.

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