How to Set Up Feed to Post's Author Options

These options give you the ability to choose the settings of post authors and users. Every imported post must have an author assigned to it, so we provide a few different options.

Author Options

The Author options can be found in

  1. Each feed source's Add New or Edit page,
  2. The general Feed to Post Settings page.
NOTE: The options for both the feed source and the general settings page are merged when importing. This means that both are applied to the posts imported from the feed sources.

The first option lets you choose the author to assign to the post. You have two options:

  1. Use the Fallback user selected from the option below.
  2. Use the original author from the feed which will create a new user with a subscriber role for each author**

The next two options deal with authoring options if the author is missing from the RSS feed source.

  1. Use the Fallback user selected from the option below.
  2. Do not import the post at all if it is missing an author.

Lastly is the option to apply a fallback user of your choice to use in the situations mentioned above.

NOTE: It is a WordPress requirement for all post authors to have a User account on the website. The generated user accounts for authors will use random email addresses and random passwords for security purposes.

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