F2P Filter: Alter Post Content Filter Priority

There are many other plugins that alter the post content or append to it. This can cause conflicts when used with WP RSS Aggregator,  resulting in either our or the other plugin not adding or modifying the content.

The filter below will help overcome such problems. It allows you to change the filter priority for our plugin, making the plugin’s content modifications apply before any other plugins, or after.

The default priority for WP RSS Aggregator is ten thousand (10,000). Higher priority numbers will make content changes apply later. Smaller priority numbers will make the plugin’s content changes apply earlier.

add_filter( 'wprss_ftp_post_content_filter_priority', 'my_wprss_ftp_priority' );
function my_wprss_ftp_priority( $priority ) {
return 10000; // Ten thousand is the default priority for WP RSS Aggregator.

How do I add this to my site?

Follow the step-by-step instructions below to add this filter to your WordPress site.

  1. Copy the code you need from above.
  2. Go to your WordPress site's dashboard.
  3. Go to Plugins > Add New.
  4. Search for Code Snippets, then install and activate the plugin.
  5. Once installed and activated, go to Snippets in your dashboard menu.
  6. Click on Add New.
  7. Add a Title, which could be the title of this article.
  8. Paste the code you copied in step 1 to the Code section.
  9. Add a Description or Tags if you wish to do so. It is not required.
  10. Click on Save Changes and Activate to save the filter and activate it.
    1. Or click on Save Changes to save the filter and activate it later.
  11. Your action or filter is now stored and active on your site.

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