WPML Integration

Feed to Post and WPML work very well together, allowing you to import content into a language of your choice, as well as assign imported objects to language-specific categories.

IMPORTANT: This integration does not automatically translate the content as it is imported. It provides the option of setting a language for the imported posts if they are in a different language than the default one on your WordPress site.

Setting the Language of Imported Posts

When Feed to Post detects that WPML is activated on the site, it will add the following option when creating/editing feed sources:

The languages listed here are the same languages that you have enabled in WPML.

Assigning Language-Specific Categories

Setting the language using the option shown above will not change which categories are listed in the “Feed to Post–Taxonomies” section.

The categories shown here are determined by the currently selected language in WPML, which can be changed from the admin bar:

The language chosen here will change which categories are shown in the taxonomy options.

The images below demonstrate this. The first shows the English categories, while the second shows the French categories. Notice the language selected in the admin bar in each image.

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