How & Why to Back Up Your Feed Sources

You have set up your feed sources and perhaps started to import content from them.

Now, some sources are not working or something has gone wrong on your site and you no longer have access to those sources. What can you do to get them back or start over? Do you have to add them all from scratch?

This is what we are trying to prevent. 

Having a backup (export) of your feed sources will help you in case any of this actually happens.

How to Keep a Backup

Export Your Feed Sources

Since WP RSS Aggregator's Feed Sources are a WordPress custom post type, you can export them at any time using the WordPress export feature.

Once you have saved this backup somewhere on your computer, or even on your server, you can import it into any site and have the same exact settings you had at the time of export.

This is explained step-by-step here.

Back Up Your Entire Site

Apart from backing up your feed sources, it's a great idea to back up your entire WordPress site in the case that something goes horribly wrong (not with WP RSS Aggregator, but in general).

For this, we recommend using a backup service such as BlogVault. Read about it here.

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