How to Update Premium Add-ons

Updating any WordPress plugin is a vital part of maintaining your WordPress site. Without all the latest updates you might encounter certain bugs along the way that might prevent you from using the plugin to its full potential, or even expose your site to security risks. Having your plugins up-to-date will ensure that you have all the latest functional and security features installed at all times.

To update any plugin, including WP RSS Aggregator and all its add-ons, there are 2 main procedures you can follow.

Automatic Updates

Head to the Plugins section in your WordPress dashboard and you will see the WP RSS Aggregator plugin and its add-ons listed there. 

If your license key for the installed add-ons is valid and active on your site, and the add-on has an automatic update available, you will be notified on this page as shown in the screenshot below. By clicking on update now, the plugin will automatically update itself and install the new version, overriding the old version.

Once an update is released for an add-on, it might take some time before the updated version is visible on your WordPress site as shown above. You may want to try speeding up the process as explained here

IMPORTANT: Please note that without a valid and activated license key, no updates for WP RSS Aggregator premium add-ons will be able to be processed on your WordPress site. To check whether your license is valid and active on the site in question, go to RSS Aggregator > Settings > Licenses within your WordPress site's dashboard.

Manual Updates

This is a slightly longer process and requires the use of an FTP client such as  FileZilla.

Follow the steps below to manually update any of our premium add-ons.

  1. Access the plugin’s zip file from your WP RSS Aggregator account.
  2. Download the zip file and extract it to a new folder on your desktop.
  3. Connect to your website using your FTP client (ex. FileZilla).
  4. Once connected, from the FTP client, go to your website’s plugins folder, usually located within public_html/wp-content/plugins.
  5. Next, locate the plugin’s file you extracted on your desktop.
  6. Upload the file from your desktop to your plugins folder.
  7. During the update process, choose to Overwrite the files.
  8. Your plugin is now updated. If you go back to your WordPress site and refresh you will see the new version installed.

IMPORTANT: Please note that the manual process of updating a WP RSS Aggregator add-on entails the manual replacement of plugin files. Removing the wrong file or folder, or copying the wrong ones, may cause your website to break. We recommend only using this method if you have experience with FTP clients and know what you are doing. If you want to know more about this method, please contact your hosting provider.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure to keep your plugins updated at all times and to check that you have all the latest updates before contacting support regarding any other issues. You can find all the latest versions in your WP RSS Aggregator account.

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