Using Our Free Feed Creator Service

The team at WP RSS Aggregator understands that it's not always possible to find an RSS feed for the source that you may want. In fact, some websites don't provide RSS feeds at all (they show no love).

That is why we provide a service called the  Feed Creator.

With this service, you can do the following:

  • Create new RSS feeds from web pages of your choice
  • Merge existing RSS feeds into a single, new RSS feed.
  • Take a list of URLs and produce a simple, static RSS output with those URLs.

The dedicated webpage for this service provides some instructions on how to use it.

Click here to try out our Feed Creator.

IMPORTANT: We do not provide support for this free service through our free or premium support channels. It was created as a way to help users create and merge RSS feeds that they could not find elsewhere, but is not supported by our support team. Any questions on how to use this service or why it may not be working as desired should be directed towards a third-party developer.

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