Twitter Feeds

We’d like to note that Twitter no longer provides RSS feeds for user accounts or topics, so we’ve had to find other third-party services to generate RSS feeds for pages.

Finding the RSS Feed

The first step is creating the RSS Feed. You can use this site to create the RSS feed: This site allows you to create RSS feeds for Twitter. You can enter the URL for a user to get a feed of their timeline.

Using Feed to Post

Plugins Required

The Method

  1. After creating a feed from with the URL of the specified Twitter user, open the RSS feed from the link provided.
  2. Go to WP RSS Aggregator in your WordPress site’s dashboard and click on Add New. Paste the URL of the feed and configure the settings to your liking.
  3. Upon publishing the feed source, the Tweets will start to get imported as instructed by the settings you set for that source.

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