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WP RSS Aggregator supports the importing and displaying of YouTube videos from any channel or user account.

How to find a YouTube channel or user URL

You probably already know the YouTube account from which you want to display videos on your site, so finding its URL will be a breeze. Open YouTube and click on the profile of the channel or user of your choice. Once their page has opened, the URL in your browser is all you need. Here's an example:

NOTE: The plugin currently only supports user and channel URLs. It does not support individual playlists.

How to set up the feed source

Once you have found the URL for your preferred channel or user account on YouTube, copy its URL into the "URL" field in the feed source settings page, as shown below with the Casey Neistat YouTube user URL.

Here's what the URL might look like for a YouTube channel.

How to display the videos on your site

There are various ways you can display YouTube videos on your site.

Option 1: Core plugin only

With the Core plugin only, the templates available are limited, but they're still a great way to share YouTube videos on your site. 

You can show the video titles using the List template type. Each title can then do one of the following:

  • Open the videos in a lightbox hovering over your site, showing the embedded video.
  • Open the videos on YouTube's website, either in the same window or in a new tab/window.

Option 2: With the Templates add-on (the best option)

We have an entire article dedicated to all the fabulous options of how to display YouTube videos using the Templates add-on. It goes in-depth on three possible options:

  • Embed the YouTube videos directly on your site so that site visitors can play the video immediately.
  • Show a video thumbnail (or just a link) and open the videos in a lightbox hovering over your site.
  • Show a video thumbnail (or just a link) and open the videos on YouTube's website.

Below is a preview of how the Grid template looks in a two-column layout when displaying embedded videos. Note that the Templates add-on's Grid template type is fully customizable, so you can have anything from 1 column up to however many fit on your page.

There's a lot more you can play around with too, which is the best option for displaying YouTube videos on your site. Click here to learn more about this option.

Option 3: With the Feed to Post add-on

  1. Enable the “Allow embedded content” option in the "Feed to Post - General" settings meta box to make sure the videos are imported and displayed on your site.
  2. For featured images please use the <media:thumbnail> option in the "Feed to Post - Images" settings meta box, as shown below.

  3. Upon publishing the feed source, the posts will start to get imported as instructed by the settings you set for that source.

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