Bulk Add Feed Sources

If you want to add multiple feed sources at one go, it will become time-consuming to do them one at a time. That is why we introduced the Bulk Add Sources feature with the free core plugin.

Head to RSS Aggregator > Tools > Bulk Add Sources to find the tool. From here you can set up multiple feed sources at once. You can do this by entering the name and URLs of your feeds in the box provided, one on each line.

Please make sure to separate the name and the URL using a comma, and to add each feed source on a fresh line.

Once you hit the Add Feeds button, these feed sources are added to your list and they will start importing. You will see a notice up top showing the amount of successfully imported feed sources at the top of your page.

The Feed Sources page will now show these feed sources using the settings you have selected in the general settings. You can go ahead and modify these individually for each source as you would with any other feed source, and even delete and re-import posts if the selected settings were not what was expected.

If you are not sure about the settings, we recommend setting the general settings to import one or two posts maximum, hence allowing you to test the settings on a very small import job, rather than importing tens, if not hundreds, of posts and then having to delete and re-import them.

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