Shortcode Styles & Classes

These are some styling ideas for when using the WP RSS Aggregator shortcode to display imported feed items. 

All the code provided is CSS code that can be copied directly into your theme or child theme’s stylesheet, or it can be applied through a custom CSS plugin, such as the ones listed below:

Custom Styling Ideas

IMPORTANT: Please note that due to the PHP templates used in WP RSS Aggregator, not everything in the shortcode display can be directly modified using CSS. As an example, images cannot be moved above the title without modifying the PHP templates through a customization.

HTML Classes

Below is a full reference of the HTML classes used by the plugin to display the feed items.

Element CSS Selector
The feed item list ul.rss-aggregator
Note that this can be changed using the before_links shortcode parameter.
Each feed item in the list li.feed-item
Note that this can be changed using the before_link shortcode parameter.
Each feed item’s footer li.feed-item div.wprss-feed-meta
This is the section that contains the source, the date and the author.
Each feed item’s source li.feed-item span.feed-source
Note that the source text in this element may be a link (<a> tag) depending on the plugin settings.
Each feed item’s date li.feed-item span.feed-date
Note that this does not apply to the “Time Ago” time.
Each feed item’s author li.feed-item span.feed-author
Each feed item’s “Time Ago” time li.feed-item div.wprss-time-ago
Note that this time is not contained in the footer section (div.wprss-feed-meta)
The separator in each feed item’s footer div.wprss-feed-meta > span:not(:last-child):afterThis is the character that appears between the source and the date, and the date and the author, in the footer of feed items.By default, it is set to a vertical bar "|".

For a comprehensive CSS cheat sheet, you can visit this page.

Got a Suggestion?

We’re always looking for more ways to help you get the best out of WP RSS Aggregator, so if you’ve got any other styling ideas that you’d like to see listed here, contact us to let us know!

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IMPORTANT:  When using  Feed to Post, the styling is handled completely by the theme.  Learn more here.

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