How to Activate Your Add-on License

When you purchase one of the premium add-ons, you will receive an email receipt. The receipt will contain:

  • A download link for the plugin’s .zip file.
  • Your license key/s.

The licenses will allow you to receive automatic updates. 

Below it is a set of instructions with screenshots to show you how to activate the licenses, step by step.

Step 1

Install the premium add-on(s) as shown here.

Step 2

Go to WP RSS Aggregator > Settings > Licenses in your WordPress site's dashboard.

Step 3

Enter the license keys found in your purchase receipt email or WP RSS Aggregator account, and click on the Activate License button for each one.

Step 4

Upon successful activation, you will be shown a green Valid sign along with the number of activations you have left (if any, applicable for 5-site licenses or larger), the date your license expires, as well as the name and email to whom the plugin is registered.

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