Images Not Importing - Check Feed to Post's Minimum Image Dimensions

NOTE: This only applies if you are using the Feed to Post add-on.

There are times when you might have trouble importing images for some reason or another. A vital step is to check the feed source, Feed to Post setting for minimum image dimensions. You can do this as follows:

  • Open the RSS feed’s URL in your browser.
  • Search for keywords  Ctrl+F or CMD+F) such as img, jpg, png, etc.
  • Check whether the image dimensions are greater than or equal to the minimum image dimensions you have set in your Feed to Post – Images settings meta box in the feed source settings

If the feed source is not visible (for example: Feedburner feeds)

  • Right-click on the page and choose View Page Source.
  • Check the feed in its original format as described above.

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