Feed Items or Posts Not Importing - Review the "Force Full Content" Option

NOTE: This only applies if you are using the Force full content feature from the Feed to Post add-on.

Sometimes, the Feed to Post add-on may fail to import a feed when you check the Force Full Content option in the Feed to Post - General section on the Edit Feed Source/Add New Feed Source page.

This may happen when the full-text service we use for importing the full content has run into an issue. In many cases, you will be able to pinpoint the exact issue by examining the debug logs under RSS Aggregator > Tools > Logs.

Therefore, you should keep the Force Full Content option unchecked and see if you are able to import the feeds. The Force Full Content option can be checked when you are using our Full Text RSS add-on, and the feed source you're using does work successfully with it to allow retrieval of full content.

Should you require the full-text service but it’s still not working, please contact our support team

However, please note that the full-text service may not always work for all feed sources due to the non-uniform manner in which HTML pages are structured. Our code tries to make the best guess about the desired full content, and while it works as expected in a lot of instances, it may not always succeed.

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