Granting Us Access to Your Site

There are times when we will need to ask you for temporary login details while trying to sort out your issue. This is a quick process that can considerably increase the resolution time for your issues.

How to Provide Login Details

  • Go to your WordPress site’s Dashboard.
  • Click on Users > Add New from your menu.
  • Enter the following information:
    • Username:  wpra
    • Email:
  • Click on Show Password, then copy the auto-generated password into the email reply to us.
  • Untick the Send user notification option.
  • Set Role to Administrator.

You can now send us the login URL, username and password you created by replying to our email and we’ll have temporary admin access to your site to start working on it. To keep things more secure, you may use a service such as Privnote so as not to send the password directly within an email.

Our access should be cut off once we have completed our investigations on your site. You can do this by deleting the newly created user.

IMPORTANT: Before granting us, or anyone else, access to your WordPress site, we strongly recommend that you back up your WordPress installation and WP RSS Aggregator settings in a secure location.

We also strongly recommend proving the login details in a secure note using a service such as  Privnote.

Once we have access to any customer's website, we make no changes to the site unless instructed to do so by you.

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