Debug Log & System Information

Logs are great for finding the possible causes of issues on your site. WP RSS Aggregator has its own logs where it shows every step of the feed import process in order to catch possible issues.

NOTE: Both the error log and the system info files are required when contacting support for help with issues and possible bugs. They help to speed up the process and reduce waiting times. 

These can both be found in the Debugging section of WP RSS Aggregator.

Debug Log (Error Logs)

The error logs got a revamp in Core version 4.13. They can now be filtered by log entry type. To do so, click on the filters above the debug log. Every entry also has the source name associated with it ("JG" in the example below).

System Information

The System Information gives you a complete run-down of your website's setup. This helps our support team to understand how your site is set up, what limitations it may have, what possible conflicts are at play, and so on.

As of Core version 4.13, it also includes a list of your selected options within the core plugin's settings. These help the support team to quickly get an understanding of your WP RSS Aggregator settings and re-create them if need be. This enables us to try and reproduce your issues ourselves in order to get a better idea of what may be going on.

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