How to Find Your True PHP Version

WP RSS Aggregator requires PHP version 5.3.9 or higher, as explained here.

For this reason, users on an older version of PHP will experience errors when trying to use WP RSS Aggregator and its add-ons. The error could be something like the following:

Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION in/local/public_html/dev/wp-content/plugins/wp-rss-aggregator/wp-rss-aggregator.php on line 131

Method 1 – Ask Your Host

We have seen cases where users encounter such errors but are told by their hosting company that they have a newer version of PHP when this won’t be the case. To confirm your version of PHP manually you can use a couple of methods.

Method 2 – PHP Code

The first method to check your version of PHP requires some coding knowledge. More precisely, PHP. It provides a function called phpinfo() which can show you important information about your PHP settings, including the version number.

Alternatively, you can add <?php echo PHP_VERSION;?> anywhere on your site and see the output.

Method 3 – Plugin

The final method is perhaps the simplest one.

Simply install the Display PHP Version plugin on your site and it will display the current PHP version in the “At a Glance” admin dashboard widget.

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